James B. Markoski and Birkelbach Investment Securities

According to a Consent Order by the Secretary of State of Illinois Securities Department, James B. Markoski, a former registered representative for Birkelbach Investment Securities, was ordered to withdraw his registrations as an investment advisor. Markoski allegedly significantly and excessively traded in the accounts of three customers. This is against securities rules and regulations. A broker must take into account his client’s investment objectives, age, net worth, and investment sophistication before recommending and/or trading securities. Excessive trading in accounts is used to garner large commissions and fees for the broker. His former firm, Birkelbach Securities, had a duty to reasonably supervise him while he was employed there, and because they did not, may be held liable for investment losses. If you or someone you know lost money with James B. Markoski, please call our Chicago-based securities law firm at 312–332–4200 for a free consultation with an attorney. We sue firms such as Birkelbach in the arbitration process to help investors recover their money.

Markoski was registered with Merill Lynch from December 1971 until February 1991, David A. Noyes & Co. in Chicago, Illinois from September 1991 until June 2010, Birkelbach Securities in Chicago from June 2010 until April 2012 and Forest Securities in Chicago from April 2012 until September 2015. He has nine customer disputes against him, and is not currently licensed within the industry or registered with any firm.